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Cross-platform app development allows us to prototype at a rapid rate. That means your app gets into the hands of testers, users and investors sooner.

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Your app will support both Android and iOS from Day 1 so all users on major platforms are covered.

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Our Services

Flutter App Development

Reduce your time to market and increase your platform coverage by developing cross-platfom.

Native App Development

If you're specifically targetting iOS or Android users, beautiful native development is for you.

Mobile App Maintenance

Have an existing application or need support post development? We're here for you.

Landing Page Web Design

A branded web page goes a long way to promote and market your application.

Web App Development

Create your app accessible via the web and save your users going through the app stores.

Admin Panel Development

A central platform to manage all your app and user data, drive engagement and track metrics.

Social Media Marketing

You've got an app, now people need to hear about it. We offer a range of marketing services to get your product infront of users.

Wire-framing/ Prototyping

Want to rapidly iterate through some design and product ideas? Or transform an idea into interactive wireframes to visualise it.

How we work with you

Step 1

Culture Call + FREE Quotation

We start by understanding who you are and what success means to you. If our values are aligned, we give you a free time and cost breakdown within 48 hours to get the ball rolling.

Step 2

Designing your product

If you decide to work with us, we start the collaborative process of designing your product. We'll present you with mockups, revise and edit them until you are happy with the final designs.

Step 3

Building your app

We divide the project into chunks prioritised by business value. We'll let you know when to expcect each feature and allow you to test the app after each key milestone.

Step 4

Supporting you continuously

Once complete, we submit the app to the stores on your behalf and if you choose to, we can assist you with marketing to gain users and scale your product.

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Our Expertise

Industries we support

We work with a wide range of ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses. From food delivery apps to eCommerce apps and highly regulated industries such as finance and gambling apps.

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Social media




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Their experience working with us

Daryl Woodhouse - Award-winning entrepreneur and advisor

Reliable and efficient. It's nice to be able to recommend a good provider after some bad experiences with other providers in the past. Not this time though and we are already planning more projects for the Ingenious team.

Darryll Wolloff - Founder @ BetSquad

Ingenious App Studios have helped me bring my product alive, from pure concept to working application. We have worked through concept visualisation, product specification and actual product development and delivery. All in an exceptional timeframe.

Koray Ismail - Managing Director @ QwikSEO

Be patient and trust the process. They’re an experienced team that will support you at every turn.

Danielle Allan - Founder @ ProActive Massage Clinic

I have received great levels of care and have managed to achieve a better than imagined fully functioning web site which caters for all the needs of my business.

Recent work


A smart AI assistant that reads out written content for you


The joy of sport is only a fraction of what makes BestSquad's app so special. Game chats mean you can enjoy what really makes BetSquad a brand-new social betting experience, as the conversational environment that you and your friends creates pre, during, and post-game is what truly makes you come back for more



We built a robust backend containing business logic and alongisde it developed a lightweight iOS app to give the user a seamless betting experience

Service iOS App Development
App development duration 6 months
Key Features Live score feed, Multiple bet modes, Payment desposits and withdrawals, Chat

Pro Active Massage Clinic

The ProActive Massage Clinic are dedicated to the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal problems both chronic and acute for athletes and non athletes. Clientele includes professional sports players, students, parents, grandparents, business professionals, semi-pro athletes, gym members and so on.


The client needed a clean aesthetic website to attract clients, educate new and existing clients on services and best practices as well as allow bookings directly via the site.


We developed a visually appealing company website stylishly presenting all required information. We also added a complete booking system allowing services to be booked directly from the website.

Service Web Development
App development duration 5 weeks
Key Features Booking system, Reviews, FAQ

MFP - Mental Fitness & Productivity

Guided coaching app to develop the work-life balance and productivity you deserve


Daryl (a managemment and leadership coach) had been delivering bespoke in-person sessions for over 12 years. While his business was successful, he faced issues scaling the programme on a more globally accessible scale. Rather than training up more coaches to work alongside him, Daryl wanted a mobile app that would capture the key aspects of his coaching methods. The app would be accessible worldwide and allow people he has never met to benefit from his knowledge and expertise remotely.


The MFP is a complete, self-sustaining self improvement solution. Users are carefully guided through the programme in a clear and easy to use manner but benefit from all the same insights and recomendations as the bespoke in-person training sessions while it's able to be offered at a fraction of the time and cost. The app goes as far as to offer frequent inspiring and motivating comments via push notification to give you that extra edge as you start your day.

Service Mobile App Development
App development duration 4 months
Key Features Reporting and statistics, Push and email notifications, Tutorial videos


Discover highly rated hair and make-up stylists near you, book appointments and leave reviews.


In a digital age, where there are so many entrepreneurs launch new businesses in the hair and makup space, keeping up with emerging brands is difficult. Adorée aims to be the go-to hub for people looking for credible, highly rated boutiques, entrepreneurs and agencies.


Adorée features a innovative, robust, and comprehensive set of features for finding, booking and reviewing businesses. The app is also stylishy and elegantly simple to use.

Service Mobile App Development
App development duration 5 months
Key Features Booking system, Chat, Push Notifications


A brand new social betting app


A super useful smart AI assistant, viio reads text aloud to you imported from your clipboard, books and documents scanned through your camera, or a website link. Great for people with dyslexia and even if you don't it can save you lots of time reading lengthy documents.


Reading lengthy documents can become tiresome and some times you just wish you had an audio copy. viio solves the problem of easily converting large amounts of text into high quality audio avaialble with free and paid voice options.


The app is simple, easy and fast to use. The ability to scan text through your camera is particularly innovative and seamless. Further, you are able to save your conversions to listen again later as well as alter playback speed.

Service Mobile App Development
App development duration 2.5 months
Key Features Audio player, Camera scanner, Subsctiption payments
Proactive app screenshot
MFP app screenshot
Adorée app screenshot

Mental Fitness & Productivity

viio app screenshot
Betsquad app screenshot
Proactive app screenshot
Adorée app screenshot

ProActive Massage Clinic

A boutique massage therapist based in London offering relief from pain and stress

viio app screenshot
Betsquad app screenshot
MFP app screenshot
Adorée app screenshot


Discover highly rated hair and make-up stylists near you

viio app screenshot
Betsquad app screenshot
Proactive app screenshot


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