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Enhance your tracking, functionality, and insights effortlessly

Creating and maintaining your brand is integral to getting your business in front of the right people. But the processes that go on in the background are just as vital to achieving your goals, gaining insight into your successes, and building viable marketing strategies. With a well-designed admin panel developed by our team at Ingenious App Studios, effective management and ongoing monitoring are easier than ever before. Are you interested in investing in admin panel development for your product? Get in touch with our skilled team today to chat about how we could make your idea a reality.

Why invest in high-quality admin panel development?

Your mobile app is only as good as the technology you use. So when it comes to enhancing your brand and improving the user experience, admin panel development is an excellent place to start. As a central location that provides complete control over your application, a well-designed admin panel can help make your job easier and give the best possible experience at the same time. For functionality, usability, and the measurement of vital metrics, investing in admin panel development is an excellent place to start. Why work with a professional team for admin panel development? Here are some of the benefits you can gain from a suitable, purpose-build admin panel:

Access metrics and track over time effortlessly

As a brand, one of the top priorities of your app product is to hit those KPIs and create those all-important conversions. With a well-designed admin panel, it's possible to understand and review current metrics in real-time quickly and easily. Whether you're looking for clean reports that can be submitted to stakeholders or detailed information about retention, subscribers, user information and more, a clean and suitable admin panel delivers precisely what you need.

Understand the current position of your app at a glance

An admin panel offers an easy and convenient way to source information in seconds as one central, purpose-built location for all data that flows through your product. Vital statistics, such as the number of daily users and number of downloads per month, are accessible in seconds. If you want to save time and money on understanding the position of your app here and now, an admin panel is the best option for you.

Improve user experience with push notifications and personalised services

Alongside the back-end benefits to your business, a well-designed admin panel development also benefits your users with a personalised, tailored approach to push notifications and alerts. With the ability to fully customise push notifications based on existing user data, you can create far more impactful marketing strategies that directly target your users individually.

Manage data actively in one, central location

The management of large volumes of data can be a headache at best and a time and money-consuming task at worst. With the need to meet GDPR standards, keeping your users' data safe and secure is a top priority. With admin panel development, you gain access to a central, secure location for all data. Keeping your user's information safe while also reducing the time spent managing continually evolving data in general.

Review user-generated content and feedback instantly

An admin panel dashboard can be far more than just an essential service. With complete customisability for your development, anything is accessible in seconds. If you want to gather feedback from users or you'd like to review and approve user-generated content directly, an admin panel makes this process far more manageable. With no add-on systems or multiple platforms to learn, it's straightforward to access the content you want when you need to. In search of the perfect partner for admin panel development? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our development services.

Here's how we do it

Ready to take your app to the next level with high-quality admin panel development? When you choose our team at Ingenious App Studios, here's how the process works:

Getting to know you

Before we get pen to paper or fingers to keyboards, we take the time to get to know more about you. Every admin panel development we complete is custom-built with your goals and needs in mind, so we take the time to understand your specific challenges from day one. Whether you have specific targets for your admin panel - such as measuring specific KPIs - or you want something more universal, we make it happen.

Designing your admin panel dashboard

Once we've got all the information we need, our skilled design team will get to work on creating a functional, high-usability dashboard that hits all the right notes. We'll stay in touch with you throughout the process to ensure your admin panel is up to your standards and meets all the required specifications. Once you've signed off on the look and feel, we'll get to work behind the scenes to make sure your dashboard is as functional as it is nice to look at.

Ready for lift off

With our design and wireframe signed off, our team can then complete the final stages to get your new admin panel development live. We ensure everything is connected and data is flowing in the right way through your system for active metric tracking and easy reporting. You can then test the dashboard for yourself and let us know if there's any tweaks or changes that you'd like before the service is rolled out to your wider business. If your team needs any extra training to understand your new admin panel system, we're here to help.

What we've done

Why just talk about what we do? As experienced app developers and admin panel designers, we've got plenty of projects under our belts. Here are a few examples of the standard of work we could deliver for you:


As a recently launched dating app, the priority for the team behind this unique service was to have the functionality and flexibility needed to deliver their service promptly and effectively. As part of Dislikkr's admin panel development, some of the core features include full app analytics and metrics, the ability to moderate and manage user-generated posts, and the option to send push notifications on approval. As an app that requires more delicate handling than a non-user-focused service, it was a must that admins could swiftly and easily block, delete, and approve content promptly. Our team at Ingenious App Studios delivered on that requirement, providing a clean and straightforward dashboard that allows for effortless reporting, fast management and ongoing metric tracking, all in one password-protected space.

Why choose Ingenious App Studios?

As expert developers and designers, our team at Ingenious achieve results every time. From simple admin dashboards to complete app design and development, we do it all. Here's why our clients love what we do:

Results-focused development

We understand that the key driving force behind new developments and designs is to gain real results. When it comes to admin panel development, we understand your specific pain points and challenges. That allows us to create dashboards that are both functional and easy to use, allowing you to see excellent results in metric tracking, KPI measuring, and overall control over time.

An in-house team of specialists

As a hand-picked team of design and development experts, we are the perfect choice for your next upcoming project. Our extensive experience across different areas of development allows us to create multi-faceted, tailored solutions to your specific problems. No cut corners, no generic designs – just high-quality work that suits your needs perfectly.

End-to-end app development

We're far more than just admin panel developers. With expertise in end-to-end app development, we're the ideal partner to make your concepts a reality. From back-end dashboards to UX and UI services, we do it all. If you're looking to complete your app development with a team of dedicated professionals, we're the team for the job.

Looking for a high-quality developer for your admin dashboard?

Ingenious App Studios is ready and waiting to transform your ideas into the ideal admin panel solution. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can create the perfect dashboard for your business goals, metric measurements and user management requirements.

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