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Developing your app using Flutter can result in huge time and cost savings. We've chosen to become specialists and help our partners reap these benefits and more.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Flutter

As an entrepreneur you want to get the most out of your development team while keeping costs to a minimum. For this reason, cross-platform development continues to be a popular approach. Flutter is a cross-platform framework that lets developers create applications for iOS, Android and more from one codebase instead of the traditional approach of creating separate builds.

Yes, this means you don’t need to hire two development teams to create separate apps for iOS and Android or have an agency charge you separately for each platform. Compared to native app development, cross platform development essentially halves the time and cost to get a multi-platform app up and running.

Let’s break down some more of Flutter’s advantages:

1. Ability to Go Beyond Mobile

Flutter offers more than app development. As of today, Flutter apps can be developed to run on iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, Linux and the list keeps growing! What makes this even more awesome is that in most cases, there are no adjustments needed in the source code to get a mobile compatible app running on the web or any other supported platform. So if your product, like many today, has different user groups that prefer to use the product on different device types, Flutter offers a no-hassle solution. For example, with a food delivery app, restaurants are more likely to use the web version on their in-store desktop, while users are more likely to place orders on a mobile device. You don’t want to force users to use a web version and you don’t want to force restaurants to use a mobile version. Flutter will cover developing both web and mobile versions of the app with little additional effort and everyone is happy.

2. Ability to Create Stunning Custom, Animated UI

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Flutter is the capacity to achieve almost any conceivable user interface of any complexity. While a great and complex UI is certainly achievable in native app development, the effort required for implementation is orders of magnitudes less with Flutter. Flutter makes the procedure more adaptable and flexible without adding to the responsibility. Shared element transitions, shape/colour/shadow transformation, manipulations, clipping – Flutter permits you to execute all of these easily. As an entrepreneur this means you don’t have to settle for a less custom or basic UI to stay within budget. Your app can have a stunning look and feel, without costing an arm and a leg.

3. Native Like Performance

With all the great benefits of Flutter, you may wonder how it truly stands up against native applications. The answer is surprisingly well. An experienced developer would agree that Flutter application execution will in most cases be indistinguishable from native apps and may even perform better with complex UI animation.

Why? Unlike most cross-platform frameworks, Flutter doesn’t depend on any transitional code symbols or reading. A Flutter application is compiled straight into the machine code, without any bugs that could arise from an intermediate translation process.

4. All Platforms are Equal

All cross-platform frameworks offer a way to share a codebase between platforms. Though most frameworks translate that codebase into platform-specific code meaning the end result on each platform may look, feel and work differently. Flutter doesn’t require any platform-specific factors when rendering it’s UI or executing business logic. Using its own rendering engine and drawing canvas, a Flutter application will look and behave the same regardless of the platform it is running on. This means you can be confident that the design, presentation and behaviour of your application is consistent across all platforms.

5. Utilization of Custom Widgets

Code reuse is huge in Flutter. Developers commonly say ‘everything is a widget’ expressing the fact that you can make a widget (UI component) once and reuse it in many places throughout the app. Better still, the widget will adjust to distinctive resolutions, screens, and platforms depending on where you place it. You can even wrap one widget inside another, creating as bespoke an element as you desire. This significantly speeds up the development time of applications as it reduces the repetitive and bad-practice task of copy and pasting UI and functionality.

6. Hot-reloading

Imagine getting immediate feedback on every action you took in life. You eat an apple and you see your skin quality improve, go for a run and immediately see a noticeable difference in your stamina. Using that immediate feedback, you would be able to pick your most desirable course of action very quickly. The same goes for hot-reloading in Flutter. This handy feature allows developers to see the changes made in their code, rendered on a real or simulated device immediately, without having to rerun or recompile the application or lose any stateful data.

In traditional languages used for native development, after a developer makes a change they have to rerun the app to see it which can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Flutter eradicated this waiting time and the development process is hugely streamlined.

7. Tech Community

There is an amazing society of developers continuously working to improve the Flutter ecosystem. Flutter was created by tech giant - Google, who also have a dedicated team releasing successive updates and improvements to make an already great product do even more for both developers and end users.

So Why Try Flutter?

The most exceptional benefits of the framework are:

We love Flutter at Ingenious App Studios for all the reasons we have outlined above. To date, we have developed and released over 12 applications built with Flutter and are working on manuy more. If you’re considering Flutter for your next project, get in touch with the top Flutter app development agency in town.

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