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Mobile App Maintenance Services - UK

Keep your mobile app in peak condition

Much like a car, your mobile app needs consistent care and upkeep to ensure it's running at its best. Working with a qualified app specialist is the ideal option for you to consistently meet users' expectations and ensure your product remains the same quality month after month. Our team at Ingenious App Studios has the extensive experience needed to fine-tune your app, helping your branch to flourish.

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Why use an app maintenance service?

Following a successful launch, your app will most likely be running in peak condition. But as time passes, a poorly maintained app can quickly show cracks, leading to the loss of users and less than favourable ratings. How can you ensure your app performs at its best for months and years to come? With a dedicated mobile app maintenance service. With our expert team on hand, we can ensure your app has the upkeep needed to meet expectations month after month.

Want to know more? Here's what we offer as part of our mobile app maintenance packages:


Preventative testing

Testing isn't just something you need to worry about before launch. Regular stress testing, API checks and general preventative examination can avoid issues before they arise, ensuring excellent continuation of service for your users. Our highly experienced team have the knowledge and skillset to carry out testing regularly, ensuring everything is working as it should, and all issues are caught with no impact on your live users.

Emergency maintenance

You need a team you can trust to get the job done quickly and effectively when something goes wrong. At Ingenious App Studios, we deliver consistently excellent response times to emergency errors and issues. Where emergency intervention is required, we work around the clock to ensure your app is functioning and accessible by your users as swiftly as possible following a problem or failure.

Perfective maintenance

Why settle for the standard when you could be better? Alongside our emergency and preventative services, we also provide perfective maintenance to ensure your app continues to live up to its reputation. Whether you have new user requirements or you require changes based on feedback, we're quick to enact those requirements for you to provide the best possible user experience.

Ad-hoc security updates

Ensuring the highest standards of security and safety is one of your top priorities for your mobile app. Regular updates through Google Play, Apple, and Firebase ensure you maintain those high standards. When security updates are required, our specialist team is here to ensure your app remains up to date and in line with current requirements. We work quickly to ensure all security needs are met as soon as possible following each update.

App store optimisation

Visibility is a crucial component that brings new users to your app. Much like standard SEO, the average app store requires continual optimisation and active handling to ensure you're reaching the first page of results. From finding the right keywords to A/B testing your headlines and descriptions, Ingenious App Studios can handle everything needed to get your app seen. Our expert team can also answer reviews, collate feedback, and upload new screenshots as and when required to keep everything looking shiny and new.

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Here's how we do it

Unlike one-off development and design, our maintenance services involve long-term relationships with our clients and highly specialised experienced. Here's how it works:

Talk to us

The first step to professional app maintenance is a chat with our friendly and experienced team. As app specialists, we've got extensive experience in keeping apps looking at their best. Whether you're looking for more information or you want to go all-in to keep your app current, we'll work with you to figure out the ideal solution.

Choose the right plan

Our app maintenance services are neatly divided into four different tiers, making it quick and easy to figure out which monthly package works best for your individual needs. It's also effortless to upgrade to different packages. If you want to start with our Starter package, our team can easily move you to our Plus or Enterprise service as your requirements change and evolve.

Our team works away in the background

Once you've agreed on the right package, our team of experts gets to work in the background putting everything into action. Much of our work goes on behind the scenes, allowing you and your users to continue to have the same, seamless experience no matter what else is going on. Our experts work together to carry out thorough tests and ensure everything is covered promptly and effectively.

We deliver results and reports

We know that a focus on results is vital to our clients. That's why we open clear lines of communication throughout the app maintenance process. Whether we're feeding back on testing results or responding to emergency issues, we ensure you're in the loop every step of the way. We can provide transparent reporting on the success of security updates, changes to your app and more as and when needed.

What we've done

Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of the projects we've achieved thanks to our professional expertise in-app maintenance at Ingenious App Studios:


VIIO is a digital tool that allows you to listen to any written content, from text to PDFs to web content. As an easy way for everyone to assimilate knowledge, VIIO's service makes it the ideal choice in combination with a wide range of popular note-taking apps. Individuals with Dyslexia, ADHD and anxiety can benefit from VIIO's continued functionality.

Since its launch in 2017, our team has provided consistent behind-the-scenes support to keep the app running, functional and relevant to its audience. With consistent 5-star reviews across all app stores, our ongoing maintenance ensures all security measures are met, and feedback is considered for continued improvement.

Why choose Ingenious App Studios?

Our friendly and highly qualified team at Ingenious App Studios ticks all of the boxes when it comes to ongoing mobile app maintenance. With a commitment to quality in everything we do, we're the best choice for your brand. Here's why we're the number one choice for our existing clients:

A personalised approach to app maintenance

When we work with you to provide app maintenance services, we take the time to get to know you and what you do. From our first introduction, our friendly team will ensure they understand your mobile app's unique challenges and goals. We use that knowledge to provide an excellent standard of service, ensuring all our priorities are in the right place for the continuation of your service.

An expert team behind the scenes

Mobile app maintenance is a long-term service that's designed to blend into the background. Our team and constantly heard at work, ensuring emergencies are resolved, and maintenance is carried out on schedule. We communicate clearly and ensure you're always in the loop while working independently to achieve the results you want.

We're the specialists

As developers and designers, we understand the needs of our clients inside and out. This unique insight is invaluable for continued maintenance, allowing us to swiftly resolve issues and be on the ball for any security updates or feedback that comes our way. We're the experts at what we do, and we will always go the extra mile to provide a professional service that suits the needs of your app and your user base.

Need reliable mobile app maintenance?

Want to know what our team at Ingenious App Studios can do for you? If you're interested in one of our mobile app maintenance packages , get in touch with our team today. Let us know more about what you're looking for, and we'll advise you on the best service for your individual needs.

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